powering ideas.....

06/09/2014 - upgraded server with more ram and faster sofware and settings.

05/09/2014 - still looking for somone to work on a project with...

03/09/2014 - minecraft due to update soon.

hello welcome to my site.

I rent this server i used to run a really great minecraft server on it. and will continue to do that once minecraft is updated. until then i will run another project(s) to keep me busy.

unfortunatly i cant think of anything to run on this server. i can run websites, game servers, heck anything you can run on a fully dedicated linux server.

so if you have any ideas or want to work with me on a project you have and need somewhere to run it contact me using this email: ashleyking12@ymail.com and tell me that you saw this site. I am open to anything really, and can do just about anyhting with computers. I just want a project to work on with someone :)
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